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Recluse (not a terrorist)

Uploaded on Apr 8, 2017 The first English song by Shen, a Persian (Iranian) rock outfit based in Canada…with 6 original albums in Farsi in tow, the group has finally decided to venture into uncharted linguistic territory…our times demand it……

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SIYAAH (Extended version)

Here’s our brand new song; which although somewhat long by today’s pop-rock standards, does as a result benefit from having several sections with different constructs, vibes and levels of intensity. But there’s no denying that the overall tone is serious,…

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Shen ” Band practice”

Here’s a little footage of a typical “group” practice session…’s not easy to form & keep an Iranian band goin’, more so if you play persian rock, especially here in Montreal…the video is set to part of the intro to…

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